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Founded in 2003 on the core values of innovation, credibility, customer focus and integrity, Infrastructure Resources, LLC was created to fill a real need in the underground utility industry – a trusted source for damage prevention and public awareness expertise and solutions for the utility and excavation industry. Since then, IR continues to expand their robust catalog of products and services including live events, publications and multimedia training tools that provide innovative solutions for our clients.


IR’s commitment to transforming the damage prevention industry through knowledge and tools assists all stakeholders to stay mindful of procedures that significantly reduce the risk of damages and protects our workplaces, our communities and our environment.




The CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo is the premiere international event dedicated to providing educational content and resources to help protect buried assets. The Conference, owned and produced by Infrastructure Resources, LLC, is the largest safety event in the industry, drawing 2,000+ participants and offering over 50 educational sessions, in-depth workshops, numerous networking events, and over 100 exhibitors. The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) holds their annual meeting at this event.




Our nationally recognized Excavation Safety Guide & Resource Directory is an unparalleled publication designed to help excavators navigate safely through the excavation process from pre-planning to job completion. With a directory of state One Call Centers, state law links and industry best practices, the guide can be easily customized to promote your company’s message which makes it a perfect handout for safety, damage prevention and public awareness meetings. Delivered to over 500,000 readers annually, the Excavation Safety Guide is the source for changing industry laws, regulations and tips to aid contractors in digging safely.




In 2010, Infrastructure Resources, LLC launched the industry publication Damage Prevention Professional, which is published four times a year and reaches over 30,000 decision-makers each quarter in print and 70,000+ digitally. Dedicated to protecting the buried infrastructure and expanding the industry’s knowledge on damage prevention and public awareness, Damage Prevention Professional offers relevant and though-provoking articles and features written by industry professionals.




Created in 2014 by Infrastructure Resources, LLC, in cooperation with Nulca – Underground Utility Locating Professionals, LSAW provides an opportunity for the industry to thank our boots-on-the-ground heroes and let them know their contributions to safe worksites and communities are appreciated and valued. Damage Prevention Professional offers free downloads of our LSAW posters, as well as thank you cards, web buttons, social media messaging and LSAW logos to help you prepare and plan your outreach. These promotional materials are available year-round at




Infrastructure Resources, LLC believes everyone learns in different ways and the most successful companies are the ones providing the right training tools for each person. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of options to optimize your training program. Useful for individual or group training, our Training DVDs cover everything from basic locating theory and skills to successful damage investigation. Regularly scheduled Webinars with a live instructor cover training topics from basic locating theory and skills to successful damage investigation. This interactive forum allows participants the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in real time. Produced in tandem with the Training DVDs, Field Guides are a great addition to a field worker’s toolbox. Offering the user opportunities for hands-on experimentation of covered topics, they are small enough to be portable and big enough to cover each topic in depth. Scheduled by request, our Workshops led by industry experts come to your location and address the specific topics your company needs training on. A one-of-a-kind complete Textbook on how to locate buried pipes and cables using standard electromagnetic equipment. With chapters focused specifically on each industry, this is a must-have for any subsurface utility locate technician. We are your one-stop-shop for Training Products created by respected industry resources like AWWA, AGC, Staking University and more!




The Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance, a coalition of pipeline companies committed to effectively communicating safety measures to farmers and ranchers, works in tandem with the National Association of County Agricultural Agents to help educate and inform the agricultural community on safe digging practices.