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February 27, 2015 The Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance, a coalition of pipeline companies committed to effectively communicating safety measures to farmers and ranchers, is formed to work in tandem with the National Association of County Agricultural Agents to help educate the agricultural community on safe digging practices. Infrastructure Resources publishes its first full-length textbook, Locating Buried Utilities: A Professional Approach. This one-of-a-kind product is a must-have for any subsurface utility locator. Read More


February 27, 2014 Locator Safety Awareness Week is created in cooperation with Nulca to provide an opportunity for the industry to thank our boots-on-the-ground locate heroes and let them know their contributions to safe worksites and communities are appreciated and valued. Read More


February 27, 2013 811 is added to the Damage Prevention Professional logo and the CGA Excavation Safety Conference & Expo logo. The conference is rebranded to CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo. Infrastructure Resources brings its industry knowledge and event-planning expertise to market by producing the CCGA Damage Prevention Symposium for the Canadian Common Ground Alliance. Read More


February 27, 2010 Company CEO, Scott Landes, once again displays his visionary prowess with the release of the first Damage Prevention Professional magazine, a publication dedicated to expanding the industry’s knowledge on damage prevention and public awareness on protecting the buried infrastructure with thought-provoking articles and features written by industry professionals. Read More


February 27, 2009 The Excavation Safety University product line is launched to provide the industry with multimedia training options including videos, live webinars and onsite workshops. Subject matter experts within the industry provide their knowledge and expertise to create quality training materials designed to promote damage prevention and excavation safety. Read More


February 27, 2007 The company changed its name to Infrastructure Resources, LLC and again brought innovative change to the landscape with its first print publication, Excavation Safety Guide. This resource guide is designed to help excavators navigate safely through the excavation process from pre-planning to job completion and keeps important industry resources at a contractor’s fingertips day-in and day-out while excavating onsite. Read More


February 27, 2006 CGA begins to partner with Infrastructure Resources by holding its annual meeting at our tradeshow. The tradeshow is rebranded to CGA Excavation Safety Conference & Expo in recognition of their contribution. Read More


February 27, 2005 811 is implemented as a national call before you dig number. Read More


February 27, 2004 The company first displayed its commitment to innovation the very next year by adding the Underground Focus Academy event which combined outdoor demonstrations with classroom education. Read More


February 27, 2003 Founded in 2003 as Underground Focus Events, we are dedicated to the core values of innovation, integrity, customer focus and giving back. Created to fill a real need in the underground utility industry – we are a trusted source for damage prevention and public awareness expertise and solutions for the utility and excavation industry. The company’s first event, Underground Focus Live!, was an outdoor tradeshow dedicated to raising awareness for damage… Read More {“dots”:”true”,”arrows”:”true”,”autoplay”:”false”,”autoplayInterval”:”3000″,”speed”:”300″,”fade”:”false”,”adaptiveheight”:”true”,”slidestoshow”:”3″,”first_slide”:”0″,”nav_centermode”:”true”,”rtl”:”false”}